Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CHEF Homeschool Prom 2016

So our homeschool group had our very first prom this year. So instead of annoying my instagram followers more I decided to put them on here.
Me, shortly after arriving

(Left to right) Me, Joy Springhart, Weslea Grafton, Sydney Laird

Everybody dancing to what I'm assuming to be the Cupid Shuffle

Me and Sydney Laird dancing.

Weslea and myself lindy hopping (She's leading)

After Weslea fell I decided to lead

Spencer and me (This is not my date)

Beginning of a great group pic

"Boom to the knees and crank it like a chainsaw"

My mamma aka best photographer in the house

Charleston in prom apparel (feat. Spencer & me)

Cloey Rash and me sing to Ben Rector and being single

Cloey and myself dancing to Ben Rector before it got too awkward

Chloie Pennington, the best DJ the world has ever known

How 80% of the night went down (Also hello Graham)

Weslea and me dancing again (She's leading again)

Cloey and me dancing again

Look, here I am again

Now this one was towards the end of the night and I was really exhausted
and was chatting with the local moral support, Spencer

Me, Tranae, and Kacie in the photo booth

More dancing

Chloey and I in the photo booth


Goofy group photo

Miss Tranae and Miss Kacie at the entrance to prom

(From left to right) Eli Buck, Graham Buck, Spencer Miller, and Steven Miller

Nothing to see here, just a casual dance circle

Joy and Weslea dancing

Weslea and me dancing some more.

Eli and Spencer dancing it out.

Shyanne and me dancing

Graham and Eli goofing off
That's it for now. I hope that y'all enjoyed some of my favorite shots from prom!
Also here is are some videos here & here