Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sorwweee bout that (and other stuff)

I'm so sorry for not having a song of the week this week. Also I'd like to say that "song of the week" probably won't be happening next week either. Mainly because I will have no time to write it and get it up. I seem to have become way to busy on the weekends which is preventing me from doing anything brig related. 

I am currently working on a post called "Paradise" I'm just waiting on my people to get the stuff to me XD. (You know who you are now get on it.) It's all about paradise and what it should be not what we make it. Yeah, I've said to much, you shall now wait. 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? XD 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Song of the week!!

Ok this week song is…… 

White Boots-- Jamie Grace 

This song is all about eating for the "right one". Also not going out and dating every guy or girl who looks at you flirtatiously. 

"I got my white boots, my white dress and I ain't gettin them dusty" 

Quick break down of that. Ok? Ok! 

I got my white boots 
So basically you are playing the waiting game. Just waiting for God to send you the right one. Patience is key here. XD 

My white dress
Ok, I've got everything planned out on my Pinterest board labeled "wedding" or "big day". I swear every teenage girl with Pinterest has one of thoes, even me. So you have everything "ready" now come on God send me the right guy. 

And I ain't gettin' them dusty
You are not going to chase every "hot" or "handsome" guy down. Lord have mercy, you gotta keep that imaginary Pinterest dress clean. Because every time you date someone with that mindset you get your clean heart dirty and you give a pice of it to that person. So basically gaurd your heart 

So now go listen to that song, and enjoy every last second of it. 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Song of the week!!

So when I was writing this I really wasn't for sure what song I was gonna use. I listen to so much, all the time XD. I decided to ask my friend Weslea for a 1940's song and she gave me this glorious song by none other than The Andrews Sisters 

Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four. 

Oh my lanta this is good. Perfect for swing dancing by the way, it's upbeat and it has the right timing. Ahh the 1940's, everything just everything about it is perfect. Well except the fact that the world was war for the second time.

Ok, enough about everything awkward I love. On to what is cool about this song. 

Andrews Sisters, they are so talented and have a full 25 song album on my phone along with other random awkward songs. My point is that they helped keep the troups encouraged during WW2. Which is awesome, if you don't believe me go listen to a song by them such as; Corns For My Country, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, or Hot Time in the Tower of Berlin (feat. Bing Crosby). Then they had love songs and so on and so forth. 

Lyric to listen for-- move the tables and roll the rug up. Shut the windows and lock the doors while I try to take the little brown jug up. Bounce me brother with a solid four 

This song is about how 8 beat songs are overrated and they want a four beat song. They say that isn't like boogie woogie (ok if you can say boogie woogie and not feel awkward I respect you. Mainly because I can't XD). Can I spin your hat with my four beat rythm? XD 

Go listen to it! 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY Project!! (Keds)

DIY project!! Woo 

So the other day I decided to paint something on my plain mint green off brand Keds 

Here is before 

Tada like magic here is after 

Honestly it took me a couple of hours to do them because you have to paint every last polka dot XD. So basically you need 

- Renforcement labels (we're gonna call them "circle makers" XD) 
- white paint (acrylic works really well) 
- a ruler/tape measure (a ruler works best) 
- Keds (or an off brand version) 
- little paint brushes 

Alright let's get started
Your gonna wanna put the circle makers about 1 cm apart. It doesn't have to be exactly that far apart it just depends on who you are. 

That is around how far apart mine are. You wanna keep it around that distance or you polka dots are gonna look a little sloppy ( I have a feeling that you don't want that). So now that you've gotten the circle makers mesured and to about half way around the shoe's bottom you're gonna want to paint inside of them. 
Paint brushes

Circle maker filled in. 

Ok now once the paint has dryed you can now take the circle makers off. Warning leave the one that doesn't have a circle maker next to it, on so that you can mesure and continue with putting down a few then painting them. 

Now that you have successfully done a ring of polka dots around the bottom of the shoe. You are now gonna put a circle maker in between and slightly above the first ring of dots. (You won't need to measure these it should just fall into place) 

There is the second and third rows of dots filled in. You basically keep doing this until you get it the whole shoe filled in. The front of the shoe may be difficult to do unless you take the circle makers off as you go vs. doing it a row at a time. Also your rows may disappear it reall doesn't matter at this point. As long as you don't have two dots exactly side by side. XD
Then you get this as your finished project. You do the exact same thing on each shoe. Easy peasy, it's just time consuming :). 

Inspiration? Ohhhh yeah, my friends have navy blue with white polka dots Keds which I'm gonna get me a pair of eventually. Anyways I wanted a pair so bad, something about those polka dots, it just kinda takes me back in time. I found this picture on Pinterest 
They are gorgeous. Die. Hard. Gorgeous. I think mine are better though, I'm sorry it's just pride. You painted around 100ish polka dots on two shoes. Fine be that way like the expensive shoes more than the homemade ones. Meh, not my problem. 

Well that's all I've got for now. I hope that someone might try it and succeed! #likeaboss. Also if you want you can post it on Instagram and tag me @sunset_sparkle_blogs and use #sunsetsparkleDIY 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Song of the week!!!!!

This weeks song is........
Backwards- Rascal Flatts
I absolutely love this song, I've heard it since I was little because my daddy is a fan of their music. Well they do have some awesome songs, even if they are "older" songs but that doesn't effect me because I listen to Hank Williams Sr. to the newest stuff like Brad Paisleys' new album. Both are equally awesome by the way #countrymusicnerd.
Ok, I've got a bit of a story to go with this some so get comfy. Ok here we go, so basically when I was younger (like from around 7 to around 12, give or take) I would not listen to Country music at all, whatsoever but there was two song I kinda heard during that mistake of missing out on awesomeness. It was Backwards by Rascal Flatts and Shiftwork by Kenny Chesney (feat. The KING George Strait). So that kinda makes this song so special and yes if you were wondering if I could sing it word for word by heart the answer is yes, yes I can.
What To Listen For: ' Sounds a little crazy, scattered and absurd but that's what you get when you play a country song backwards. Well I've never heard it said quite like that. It hit me in the face cause that's where I'm at. I almost fell out on the floor and he said "wait a minuet that's not all, there's even more".
Yep I will ALWAYS love this song. Not the one on The Hanna Montana Movie though, that was disgusting. They took and changed the best parts, ugh. Well, I guess what's done is done. You know the feeling when a movie ruins your favorite book. I mean like slaughters it, yeah. That's pretty much how I felt when I went and looked it up. 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Best. Birthday. Ever

I had the most amazing night at the Rumba Room. So like I said, The Sidestreet Steppers were performing, which is awesomeness in itself. Also, I had just met one of the the band members the day before (meet Vera, everyone) at her shop (Red Velvet Vintage) and she was super sweet. I was getting a dress for my birthday and told her that Friday was my actual birthday. Since she is so awesome she decided to sing happy birthday to me, like legit the whole band sang happy birthday. I was in total shock, I had no idea that it was coming. 
So, as great and wonderful that is, you may be wondering why I've told you this. Well, I'm getting to my point. (calm down you "get to the point" people) So going to the Rumba Room you figure out who to dance with and who not to dance with. Like the people who get drunk and smell like alcohol, I avoid like the plague. Quite frankly I don't want to come home smelling like that, I hate that smell. You can ask any of my friends that go with me I will not dance with you if your drinking. I like legit ditched a guy, I missed him putting his drink down on the table until I got out there then he spun me like crazy, also I like to breathe so spinning and alcohol breath. Not a good mix. I could go on but I think you get my point. 
So, it was awesome and I ditched a couple of guys. No big deal. Well there is a mini overview, but now onto my point.(ok "get-to-the-point" people, get excited)  

Ok first off we've got excellent demonstration of reasons to be open and friendly. With doing so, you might get sung happy birthday to. Or at least something like that. So basically we need to be open and accepting just like Jesus is. (Ok if you can't tell this is my passion right now, be open and accepting at all times) If we were all just open and accepting to everyone then we could have a happier world. I know your going "yada, yada, yada" see your not even being open and accepting to my views and ideas. Hmm? 

Ok, now that I've got you thinking, look at how I handled those guys. I didn't refuse to dance with them, I just didn't like it. I know it's bad just to leave someone or stop following them in the middle of a song. I just don't wanna end up sick. The mindset here is "dance with everyone until you just can't". Now with the same mindset of "be accepting to everyone", I try to be very nice and polite (come on it's the right thing to do). to everyone that comes and has the guts to ask me to dance they will get that dance but it might just be that one time, part of a song, or it could be several throughout the night. 

Swing dancing has helped me push my boundaries. I am a bit of an introvert, I don't like people that much (to rephrase that I become an introvert at the worst time possible, like legit I get in the mood when I don't wanna be around anyone at all whatsoever. XD) . When I was little I was REALLY shy until you got to know me and I felt comfortable around you. With swing dancing it pushes me out of my comfort zones. From the little conversation within the dance, the physical contact, or what if I step on my lead, what if he drops me when he dips me, all the way to who is watching. At first I was totally scared and terrified (read my "swing dance" post) but now it's better I know most of the people that I dance with or at least are getting to know them. 

So I've been more accepting of people "you can get farther with sweet honey than you can with sour vinegar" I have no idea whatsoever where that came from but my mom says it all the time. If we accept people for who they are not for what they've done. Tada, problem solved. Right? wrong, Christians don't need to surround themselves with non Christians yet we need to tell them about Christ. So how do we do that? Well we tell them about him then go back every once in a while. 
Now what? 

Homework! Yep, I want you to go and tell one person that you are close with something about you that they probably don't know. Then see how it goes. Basically I'm asking you to get out from behind your "little Miss Perfect" or "little Mr. Perfect" mask. Will it be hard? Yes, it will but it will be so worth it. 

Y'all come back now!! 

Ok, I can't do that anymore. New sign off 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 


Friday, September 19, 2014

How this picture relates with life...

So I like to think, I never just have one individual thought. It always goes on and on, then it will come back in the following days XD. Is that bad? Not really actually. It's quite enjoyable. 

Ok this looks like a strait line between the soybeans and the sunflowers (ok that was wierd to say) but in reality it's not as strait as it looks. Maybe it was because I couldn't walk a strait line down it, I don't know but what I do know is that is a lot like life. 

Yeah I know what your thinking "how the heck does an un strait line between soybeans and sunflowers have to do with life?" I'm glad you didn't ask. So here are four reasons that is like life. 

1. Expection(how the line isn't strait). Yep we expect that life is going to be simple and easy, people tell us that it's not and most times they're right. Unless you heed their warnings and trust God to bring you out alive. Life will never be easy, now I'm not saying that there won't be easy days. I'm just saying that it's gonna be tough.  (Oh at the end of each one of these there is a song that will get at my point :D) Through All Of It -Colton Dixon. 

2. The good and the bad (soy beans vs. sunflowers). I know your going "what!?" But don't worry. So this is a lot how we are, we're either good or bad. Right? I personally think that a lot of us are kinda in the middle and won't get out of it. No I'm not talking about how you are either with God or against him. You can't sit on that metaphorical fence forever because on day you will be forced to get off it and chances are that your gonna be on the wrong side. Hey, I'm not trying to bum you out I'm just stating facts.  All That I Am - Rend Collective 

3. God is watching (the sky). He is watching everyone and everything all at once. Ok, just stop and think about that. How big out God really is, it is just so amazing and terrifying all at once. Everything you do everything that you say, do, or think he keeps a record of. Creepy right? Well I think that is there so that we can become better people. We are God-breathed for crying out loud, the least we could do is worship him in everything that we do, say and think. It's not that hard, ok it's a little hard but if we all did it just think about how much better this world would be. Immeasurably More - Rend Collective 

4. Grow (stuff grows, get it together people). Everybody can either grow close to God or refuse to and run away from him. No matter who you are and where you are or where you came from. You will have that choice until you die, don't chance it. You never know what's going to happen next, that's why it's good to have God with you and to have him at the head of your life. My Lighthouse - Rend Collective

So quick recap. We don't always have the right excpections, your either with God or against him, you're being watched by God, and we gotta grow to be like God. Tada! There is how a soybean and a sunflower field has to do with life. Aren't you glad you didn't ask? XD 

Come on back!! #laters 

Birthday Girl!!

am now officially 15!!!

(insert happy birthday song here)
So it's my birthday! Yep, exited, happy, family presents, ect. So I get to go party tonight! Wooo, me and my motley crew (yep, I just called y'all that XD) are heading to the Rumba Room. It's band night!! I. Love. Live. Music. It just sounds better than recorded stuff. It's amazing!!
(Insert Birthday by Selena Gomez here)

So like I said I'm 15 now. Also check out my Instagram click here, please. So I already had my party this year but who doesn't wanna make their actual birthday awesome, I mean come on. So besides being extremely more awesome today I'm probably gonna read another book or at least get a start on one. I don't know though.
Life this far has been amazing so far I hope for it to continue to be that way. Oh and thanks to my awesome friends!! Spencer's BlogJoy's BlogEli's Instagram Graham's Instagram Steven's Instagram, Weslea's Pintrest and Tyler's (my Bro.) Instagram
Y'all come back now!!
oh my lanta
oh my lanta
oh my lanta
oh my lanta
oh my lanta
I AM 15!!!!!!





Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swing Dance

Well, it's been three (about to be four)  official lessons of swing dance and I'm in LOVE with it. I went swing dancing for the first time about 8 weeks ago I was nervous. Mainly because I had the mindset of "I can't dance" but for real anyone can dance. I was at my friend Weslea's 13th birthday party, she decided to go out to eat then take us swing dancing. Ok I'm already nervous about going out to eat because I always have issues with that, I don't know why I just do, anyways it was a nice restaurant and everything. Maybe it's because I rarely go out to eat, mainly because you can't go anywhere and get something that is healthy for you. Along with the fact that if you eat out too much you can get really sick or at least feel terrible. Trust me I ate out every day two to three meals a day for a week, but that's another story for another day. 

So after dinner (dinner and supper can be two different things, don't get them confused XD) we walk down the street to a night club called the Rumba Room and I got my first taste of swing. I messed up and probably steped on a few people. It was East Coast, very basic dancing, I basically danced that and had a sad attempt at Charelstoning but you know what. I didn't die and had fun but the main point is that I didn't die. Well, as soon as I got home and tried to practice it I couldn't remember  how to. Wanna know why? It was pretty much all adriline, yeah. So a few weeks later I went back and I think I drug my guy bestfriends along with me. Come on, you always need backup. Always! (Btw thank y'all for going XD) 

So, I'm not the dancing type. At all. Whatsoever. As of now I have changed my mindset to "I can dance" "let me teach you the basics". I have a life group that I go to pretty much every Sunday night and I've started showing them how to swing dance and I learn from it. Right now I can lead basic East Coast and figuring out the 1920's Charleston thing. I helped Spencer figured out the Lindy swing out, I was so excited. I had that going in my head for a while XD.

As you can tell I've fallen in love with swing dancing and would be willing to try other dances. Joy, feel free to drag me along on your next dance adventure XD. Last time I danced before swing was when I was little and did ballet. Come on what little girl didn't? Oh, it was just me. Ok. So, I'm getting more adventurous in the things that I do. I always have a stomach full of butterflies when I do something new or that I'm really self conscious about. I know it's bad but that's something about me that I need to get over. 

So, what I've learned is don't judge a book (or dance) by it's cover. Always try it first "don't knock it till you try it". I've gotten that from swing and music, this year. It's amazing how God helps you get over stuff, like trying new things. Well if you wanna catch me swing dancing it won't be hard, from a mini Charleston to full out Lindy Hop. I shall refuse to stop dancing and to stop bringing people into it XD. I swear that it's a black hole that you'll never get out of. Not in a bad way, I mean I'd happily stay in this black hole for a good long while. 

Ok, quick funny story about today. So I was a genius and brought my Bluetooth speaker to my homeschool group today and basically helped (with Joy and Weslea) teach kids how to basic East Coast and the Charelston. It was so AWESOME, like legit had The Andrews Sisters and Frank Sinatra blaring for a good hour or so. Thank goodness that I quickly picked up leading East Coast XD. Ok I'm done, now wait eagerly for the next post. :D 

Thanks for reading!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Song of the week!!!

Welcome to the song of the week!
So I decided on a very simple song. It's just so classic. Amazing really
Classic- MKTO
There is just something about this song!! I don't know what it is, it just makes me happy. I can listen to it once and be happy pretty much all day. It's like Starbucks XD (tbh I'm not a Starbucks person). Anyways I gave my iPod shuffle to my friend and he took and put a whole lot of songs on it and I will literally sit for 5 minuets just to hear the song one time. Yes, it's that good.
What to listen for: "The Rap"
I don't listen to Rap music but I don't mind having a rap in a song. I don't know why but, whatever.

The song is about staying yourself. More people are likely to love you and enjoy you if you stay yourself. In other words stay "classic". I also enjoy the mini back track through history. XD 

Y'all come back now!!! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What are you living for?? (Saved Saturdays)

This is real.....

This is how you live life??

This is how you treat your family??

This is how you show God's love??

Those are the people you talk about behind their backs??

Are you proud of that??

Are you sitting on the sidelines??

Is this what you think God would approve of??

So you may be wondering what that is about or your thinking about it. Depends on who you are, so basically I got to thinking about what I would do if someone asked me questions like that. Could I answer positively with confidence or would I rather run away and hide. Some of them I probably would want to hide from or ignore. No, I'm not just gonna stay where I am, I'm gonna try to change. If that means breaking habits I'll break habits, or if that means changing what I listen to, who I hang out with, how I talk about people, or where my mind goes, then by golly that is what I'm gonna do.

Come on, God gave up so more than what I'm gonna give up. He gave his ONLY son, how many parents would do that... hmm??? So I'm gonna go forth and make changes. I wanna challenge y'all to do the same. Just start with one part then keep it changed. Then keep moving forward, you'll feel better, you will feel empowered and most importantly you'll make God happy.

"For I know the plans I have for you," announces the Lord. " I want you to enjoy success. I do not plan to harm you. I will give you hope for the years to come." Jeremiah 29:11 (NIrV)
 God has everything planed out for you. All you gotta do is trust him.
Y'all come back and bring a friend!! XD

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rant of Random

So I didn't think that  I'd have any time to post on this blog but you would be surprised at the amount of free time you actually have. I guess it goes along with the whole "you make time for what is important to you" thing. Which is pretty true. You make time for school, work, church, sports, watching TV, playing on your phone, reading, ect. so I thought why not make time for a blog.
Here I am writing my heart out. I'm not really one for writing like in school but I've found that writing on here and in journals feels different. Like a good different. Maybe it's because I listen to music while writing pretty much anything out of school, yeah it's weird but if I don't my mind tends to wonder and not stay concentrated on what I'm doing. Am I the only human being that does that? Yes? Oh ok.........
So I'm basically rambling now so if your bored you can leave. Aww I just lost so many readers :(. Anyways, let me see, oh yeah spelling words that is my downfall, if you say it out loud it will sound right but as of the correct spelling of it, you can have fun with that. So it was the word "people" and I kept using auto correct but I didn't pay attention to how it was spelled then I started this and it doesn't have auto correct it just tells you that it isn't right so I went and learned how to spell it XD. Um, also if I find a word that I don't know I'll normally look it up and then it will appear everywhere. I'm so happy I'm not alone on this one it is so stinking wild that the word begins to show up everywhere..

Ok on about spelling stuff, I don't always proof read stuff. There is my downfall, I mentally write stuff like legit, my fingers can't move as fast as my brain thinks. It's impossible and I don't think about spelling stuff right and if my sentences make sense if you where to pull it out of the paragraph. If I misspell stuff I'm honestly sorry, also I'm human so therefore I'm not perfect and I'm new to this stuff. Am I done with my excuses? Well, ok yeah.

Friends?? Yes I'm homeschooled and have friends. Most homeschoolers actually have an easier time socializing than public schoolers. Manly because homeschoolers learn how to make friends with everyone from age 1 to 100 (or higher but we don't really get that old anymore XD, hey when God made the world they lived to around 900 ish years or more) but public schooler kids only socialize with kids their age and grade maybe a year or two older or younger but not often. I think you see my point, I'm friends with seniors and like kindergarteners. I also have adult friends which I can easily have a conversation with and no awkwardness. So I'm pretty well rounded socially, well for the most part. Lots of homeschooled kids are like that.
Music?? Ok, for music I listen to Country and Christian for the most part. Now my friends have gotten me into Alternative and Indie Rock which is REALLY good. Let me see, at the moment my top country song is "Fly Over States" by Jason Aldean it is AWESOME! Top Christian song is gotta be "Lighthouse" by Rend Collective, Top Alternative song is "1901" by Phoenix. So yeah....

Ok honestly I could go on for hours and hours, also I can get long winded sometimes especially if it is about that I enjoy talking about. If you get me mad than expect some sort of long text message or an email about whatever ticked me off XD. Well that's all for today!!!
Thanks for reading!!! Come back now!!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Song Of The Week

It's that time again. Song Of The Week!!! Ok this time I decided on a good ole country song, I like those, so it was kinda hard to choose this song. From artist, album, then which track. I finally decided on.........

American Flag On The Moon- Brad Paisley
 Ok, don't knock it just because of the album name. (oh come on, it's just moonshine. That is like saying soda is bad and no I'm not saying that either one is good for you but that is another debate for another time) So the reason I chose this song is because I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. It may be one of the slower songs on the album but it is one of the best. Still in doubt? Here is pretty much my favorite part. It is on the second verse. I normally choose the bridge or the chorus as my favorite, so this is new for me. XD
What to listen for: 'So my 5 year old had learned about the lunar landin' and he walked out and started starin' at the sky. Stood there for a while, he got a great big smile and said "dad I think I can see it, can you?" I bowed my head closed my eyes and said yes son I think I do'
That right there has to be my favorite part of the entire song. The ending is really cute though, I'm not gonna spoil it for you because you wouldn't get to smile like I did when I heard it for the first time. It basically dares you to dream and prove that you can do anything that anyone tells you can't do. I'm not talking about breaking rules I mean like someone tells you cant learn how to play an instrument or you can't do a backflip. Dogone, I think that we should show those "wet blankets" up.
In life you can do anything you want to do. So do what you love, if you do what you love you won't hate it. Especially if you do what God leads you to do.
Also it's a really inspiring song. So like I said don't knock it till you try it XD.
Y'all come back!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

So I had some time on my hands

I got some time on my hands and I had nothing better to do with it so why not have a two for one. Two for one Sunday, ok actually I wrote a song verse of the week and a random rant (Coming to you later this week please stay tuned in). So I had my birthday party yesterday it was the. best. party. yet. it was amazing! No really it was, promise. So I got some awesome gifts (no that isn't why I had the party I'm not that selfish). So first on my list is homemade bookmarks, thank you Bella. They are sooo cute little monster-like bookmarks. Ok next would be this leather journal that Weslea got for me I absolutely LOOOVVEE it, it's so pretty <3. Uhh, next I'd say was my 15$ of iTunes money, which is already gone by the way, have 100+ songs I wanna get so. Ok, next we have is all the green stuff that I got. You know I like green stuff. Well, doesn't everyone? No? Ok.... Then we have the Custom CD by Spencer, with the epic-ish book that he made to go with it, well he really only did 5 of the 17 tracks, so hmmmm. Now we have the awesome Tote, you know you can never have enough of those things.
Ok now for the party! Woo, my actual birthday is on the 19th but we had to have the party early. Anyways, we had this awesome jam sesh. I was like Spencer vs. Joy. You will never guess who won.................... Joy did duh, girls rule!! Lol so now we ate then swam. Funnn. the we got eaten alive by mosquitos while hanging by the bonfire so we decided to go inside and swing dance. AWESOMENESSS EVERYWHERE!! Which was followed by long boarding and no mercy hide n seek/ sardines in the dark. Oh, I almost forgot about swing dancing in the middle of the street. Best. Idea. Ever. Promise.
Whoever thought of the glow stick firework show. Y'all rock!! the we made a glow stick bonfire and sang random songs till everyone had to go home. That was really bumming because I wanted them to stay all night. It would be awesome, tiring but awesome.
Ok, I'm done. thanks for reading!

Best. Advice. Ever

Hey y'all, I'm about to give you some of the best advice ever given to me. It's magical!

 This picture has nothing to do with it 

So basically I was kinda upset because I exploded (another story for another day). Anyways I asked my friends for advice and it made my night 

"Your a teenager. Teenage stuff happens. Just sleep more, listen to music and you'll be fine" - Spencer

Amazing right? No? Here I'll explain it to you. 

So we all hold up anger and sadness for a good amount then we explode. Not fun, don't do that it's bad. So he is basically saying is sleep to relax every thing is totally fine. Like the song "don't worry, be happy". 

Quick story about that song. So growing up my grandparents (on my daddy's side) had/have this fish that sings that song. You can set it so that it detects motion so if you fall asleep on the couch and someone walks through the room, tada random alarm clock that you can't snooze XD. Man that was fun waking everyone up with that. 

Ok back to the quote. Where were we, oh yeah to the listen to music. Like I said my music library is a pretty good size and he knows pretty much all of it. Also that music is awesome to calm down with. So I made a playlist and jammed out to it for a few good hours. 

If you were wondering if it helps. The answer is yes. With that and blindly opening a Bible and putting down your finger. Then read and apply it to your life. Works like a charm (most times). 

Thanks for reading

Come back now!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homeschool group

So, my homeschool group started back today. I am so pumped that I'm back in my somewhat normal schedule :). I got to see my friends that I haven't seen since the beginning of summer, it's so awesome. It's like a family reunion, well sorta XD.

As always we play basketball. It's kinda become a classic thing to do. Your either hanging out some where and talking or your playing basketball. I mean you can play a board game but who wants to do that when you can socialize. Basketball  was good then we made it better...

We did that by creating a mass basketball game!! Girls vs Boys, it was AMAZING!! Even if the ball practically became a magnet. A few people got tackled (including myself) but it was fun and pretty enjoyable. So I can't wait to share more about my homeschool group with y'all. I'm gonna be honest, I absolutely love being homeschool and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Besides having epic friends (Y'all know who you are) you learn and can do so much in your spare time.

Wait, what I meant to say was "we have no lives, this was just a one time thing I'm never going back Ever! Being homeschooled is the worst thing ever I'm missing out on life experiences by not going to public school. I'm so pitiful no life, no friends, and I sleep all day.". Isn't that how it works? Uhhh, no nothing like that whatsoever. I have a feeling any homeschooler an pretty much say that being homeschooled is amazing, even those who have changed from public/private school to homeschool.

Well that's all for today! Y'all come back!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Song Of The Week

Hi! So I thought that I might start a song of the week. I listen to so many
artist and I always have a song stuck in my head without fail.
My friend Spencer (oh he has blog check him out here) he shares his music with me CONSTANTLY! so my music library has gotten to a pretty good size, there is actually some pretty good songs in there. So therefore they will be shared. Now onto the song of the week. which by the way you should look it up and listen to it.
1901 by Phoenix
This group is so dang awesome! It's Alternative music, I wasn't sure about
listening to this "Alternative" stuff  but I like it. The group is a French Alternative Rock band,
it turns out that they started out as a garage band in Versailles, France. Which I
thought was the coolest thing.
Lyric to listen for: 'Watch them build up a material tower. Think it's not gonna stay.
Anyway, I think it's overated.'
Why is the reason I'm giving a little bit of the song to listen to? Well for starters that is one of best parts in the song. Also I just thought it would be cool to do something like that :).
It is a really cool song. If you don't believe me here is the video so you can believe me. I hope that you will enjoy the song!!!!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

First post!!!!! A little bit about me!

So, I have friends doing this blog thing so I though that I might give it a try! I've read blog after blog and lets be honest it can be kinda scary to put your stuff out there for the world to read. Ok now let me tell you a bit about myself that you may not know.
1. I love music, but I only play piano 
2. I'm starting to learn guitar
3. I'm an artist (sorta)
4. I dream of living in the middle of nowhere 
5. My friend got me addicted to pretty much anything 40's/50's
6. Any DIY project probably came from Pintrest
7. I listen to 6-ish types of music Country, Christian, Alternative,
some Pop (mainly Owl City), Indie Rock, and 50's
8. I like to swing dance :)
9. I'm homeschooled
10. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone more often
11. At the moment I'm 14
12. I'll be 15 on Sept. 19
13. I'm a Sophomore 
14. My closest friends are guys
15. I can't sing
16. I'm a Christian
So there are 16 facts about me. I really don't know where this blog
is gonna go. I'm glad that a lot of my friends have blogs, otherwise I don't think that I would be doing this. Also thank y'all for actually reading this :D