Here is me!

I'm not the best writer in the world, but I'm trying
New Strings by Miranda Lambert
This along with friends doing this got me to start blogging. Ok you got me,
I love music! I can't actually play anything besides piano(and I haven't done that in forever).
Also I can't really sing :/ lol, but I still enjoy music. When my life isn't going right I always end up coming back to music :). I know that I already did 16 facts about me but I think that I will tell something that I like to do and whatnot. :D
  • I don't like "romance" I like true love. From the words of Frozen "loving someone is putting their needs before you own" which is so true
  • I play video games and I'm just fine
  • I enjoy when my friends and I have moments of weirdness XD
  • I like Marvel
  • I'm a mix between a southern bell and a redneck and a nerdy geek
  • I like the shooting range and dream of going hunting
  • I have two cats and one dog (one of the cats was sleeping on me while  was writing this XD)
  • I like to paint
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so take lots of them
  • I've probably listened to over 10,000 songs XD (just guessing)
  • I've never seen any of the Hunger Games or Harry Potter movies
  • I didn't watch The Fault In Our Stars
  • I absolutely love the beach
  • My favorite verses in the Bible are Psalms 18: 2-3
  • I know a little bit of American Sign Language
So that is a little bit about me, and this is me
Thanks for reading

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