Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rant of Random

So I didn't think that  I'd have any time to post on this blog but you would be surprised at the amount of free time you actually have. I guess it goes along with the whole "you make time for what is important to you" thing. Which is pretty true. You make time for school, work, church, sports, watching TV, playing on your phone, reading, ect. so I thought why not make time for a blog.
Here I am writing my heart out. I'm not really one for writing like in school but I've found that writing on here and in journals feels different. Like a good different. Maybe it's because I listen to music while writing pretty much anything out of school, yeah it's weird but if I don't my mind tends to wonder and not stay concentrated on what I'm doing. Am I the only human being that does that? Yes? Oh ok.........
So I'm basically rambling now so if your bored you can leave. Aww I just lost so many readers :(. Anyways, let me see, oh yeah spelling words that is my downfall, if you say it out loud it will sound right but as of the correct spelling of it, you can have fun with that. So it was the word "people" and I kept using auto correct but I didn't pay attention to how it was spelled then I started this and it doesn't have auto correct it just tells you that it isn't right so I went and learned how to spell it XD. Um, also if I find a word that I don't know I'll normally look it up and then it will appear everywhere. I'm so happy I'm not alone on this one it is so stinking wild that the word begins to show up everywhere..

Ok on about spelling stuff, I don't always proof read stuff. There is my downfall, I mentally write stuff like legit, my fingers can't move as fast as my brain thinks. It's impossible and I don't think about spelling stuff right and if my sentences make sense if you where to pull it out of the paragraph. If I misspell stuff I'm honestly sorry, also I'm human so therefore I'm not perfect and I'm new to this stuff. Am I done with my excuses? Well, ok yeah.

Friends?? Yes I'm homeschooled and have friends. Most homeschoolers actually have an easier time socializing than public schoolers. Manly because homeschoolers learn how to make friends with everyone from age 1 to 100 (or higher but we don't really get that old anymore XD, hey when God made the world they lived to around 900 ish years or more) but public schooler kids only socialize with kids their age and grade maybe a year or two older or younger but not often. I think you see my point, I'm friends with seniors and like kindergarteners. I also have adult friends which I can easily have a conversation with and no awkwardness. So I'm pretty well rounded socially, well for the most part. Lots of homeschooled kids are like that.
Music?? Ok, for music I listen to Country and Christian for the most part. Now my friends have gotten me into Alternative and Indie Rock which is REALLY good. Let me see, at the moment my top country song is "Fly Over States" by Jason Aldean it is AWESOME! Top Christian song is gotta be "Lighthouse" by Rend Collective, Top Alternative song is "1901" by Phoenix. So yeah....

Ok honestly I could go on for hours and hours, also I can get long winded sometimes especially if it is about that I enjoy talking about. If you get me mad than expect some sort of long text message or an email about whatever ticked me off XD. Well that's all for today!!!
Thanks for reading!!! Come back now!!!

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