Sunday, September 7, 2014

Best. Advice. Ever

Hey y'all, I'm about to give you some of the best advice ever given to me. It's magical!

 This picture has nothing to do with it 

So basically I was kinda upset because I exploded (another story for another day). Anyways I asked my friends for advice and it made my night 

"Your a teenager. Teenage stuff happens. Just sleep more, listen to music and you'll be fine" - Spencer

Amazing right? No? Here I'll explain it to you. 

So we all hold up anger and sadness for a good amount then we explode. Not fun, don't do that it's bad. So he is basically saying is sleep to relax every thing is totally fine. Like the song "don't worry, be happy". 

Quick story about that song. So growing up my grandparents (on my daddy's side) had/have this fish that sings that song. You can set it so that it detects motion so if you fall asleep on the couch and someone walks through the room, tada random alarm clock that you can't snooze XD. Man that was fun waking everyone up with that. 

Ok back to the quote. Where were we, oh yeah to the listen to music. Like I said my music library is a pretty good size and he knows pretty much all of it. Also that music is awesome to calm down with. So I made a playlist and jammed out to it for a few good hours. 

If you were wondering if it helps. The answer is yes. With that and blindly opening a Bible and putting down your finger. Then read and apply it to your life. Works like a charm (most times). 

Thanks for reading

Come back now!!

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