Saturday, September 20, 2014

Best. Birthday. Ever

I had the most amazing night at the Rumba Room. So like I said, The Sidestreet Steppers were performing, which is awesomeness in itself. Also, I had just met one of the the band members the day before (meet Vera, everyone) at her shop (Red Velvet Vintage) and she was super sweet. I was getting a dress for my birthday and told her that Friday was my actual birthday. Since she is so awesome she decided to sing happy birthday to me, like legit the whole band sang happy birthday. I was in total shock, I had no idea that it was coming. 
So, as great and wonderful that is, you may be wondering why I've told you this. Well, I'm getting to my point. (calm down you "get to the point" people) So going to the Rumba Room you figure out who to dance with and who not to dance with. Like the people who get drunk and smell like alcohol, I avoid like the plague. Quite frankly I don't want to come home smelling like that, I hate that smell. You can ask any of my friends that go with me I will not dance with you if your drinking. I like legit ditched a guy, I missed him putting his drink down on the table until I got out there then he spun me like crazy, also I like to breathe so spinning and alcohol breath. Not a good mix. I could go on but I think you get my point. 
So, it was awesome and I ditched a couple of guys. No big deal. Well there is a mini overview, but now onto my point.(ok "get-to-the-point" people, get excited)  

Ok first off we've got excellent demonstration of reasons to be open and friendly. With doing so, you might get sung happy birthday to. Or at least something like that. So basically we need to be open and accepting just like Jesus is. (Ok if you can't tell this is my passion right now, be open and accepting at all times) If we were all just open and accepting to everyone then we could have a happier world. I know your going "yada, yada, yada" see your not even being open and accepting to my views and ideas. Hmm? 

Ok, now that I've got you thinking, look at how I handled those guys. I didn't refuse to dance with them, I just didn't like it. I know it's bad just to leave someone or stop following them in the middle of a song. I just don't wanna end up sick. The mindset here is "dance with everyone until you just can't". Now with the same mindset of "be accepting to everyone", I try to be very nice and polite (come on it's the right thing to do). to everyone that comes and has the guts to ask me to dance they will get that dance but it might just be that one time, part of a song, or it could be several throughout the night. 

Swing dancing has helped me push my boundaries. I am a bit of an introvert, I don't like people that much (to rephrase that I become an introvert at the worst time possible, like legit I get in the mood when I don't wanna be around anyone at all whatsoever. XD) . When I was little I was REALLY shy until you got to know me and I felt comfortable around you. With swing dancing it pushes me out of my comfort zones. From the little conversation within the dance, the physical contact, or what if I step on my lead, what if he drops me when he dips me, all the way to who is watching. At first I was totally scared and terrified (read my "swing dance" post) but now it's better I know most of the people that I dance with or at least are getting to know them. 

So I've been more accepting of people "you can get farther with sweet honey than you can with sour vinegar" I have no idea whatsoever where that came from but my mom says it all the time. If we accept people for who they are not for what they've done. Tada, problem solved. Right? wrong, Christians don't need to surround themselves with non Christians yet we need to tell them about Christ. So how do we do that? Well we tell them about him then go back every once in a while. 
Now what? 

Homework! Yep, I want you to go and tell one person that you are close with something about you that they probably don't know. Then see how it goes. Basically I'm asking you to get out from behind your "little Miss Perfect" or "little Mr. Perfect" mask. Will it be hard? Yes, it will but it will be so worth it. 

Y'all come back now!! 

Ok, I can't do that anymore. New sign off 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 


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