Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swing Dance

Well, it's been three (about to be four)  official lessons of swing dance and I'm in LOVE with it. I went swing dancing for the first time about 8 weeks ago I was nervous. Mainly because I had the mindset of "I can't dance" but for real anyone can dance. I was at my friend Weslea's 13th birthday party, she decided to go out to eat then take us swing dancing. Ok I'm already nervous about going out to eat because I always have issues with that, I don't know why I just do, anyways it was a nice restaurant and everything. Maybe it's because I rarely go out to eat, mainly because you can't go anywhere and get something that is healthy for you. Along with the fact that if you eat out too much you can get really sick or at least feel terrible. Trust me I ate out every day two to three meals a day for a week, but that's another story for another day. 

So after dinner (dinner and supper can be two different things, don't get them confused XD) we walk down the street to a night club called the Rumba Room and I got my first taste of swing. I messed up and probably steped on a few people. It was East Coast, very basic dancing, I basically danced that and had a sad attempt at Charelstoning but you know what. I didn't die and had fun but the main point is that I didn't die. Well, as soon as I got home and tried to practice it I couldn't remember  how to. Wanna know why? It was pretty much all adriline, yeah. So a few weeks later I went back and I think I drug my guy bestfriends along with me. Come on, you always need backup. Always! (Btw thank y'all for going XD) 

So, I'm not the dancing type. At all. Whatsoever. As of now I have changed my mindset to "I can dance" "let me teach you the basics". I have a life group that I go to pretty much every Sunday night and I've started showing them how to swing dance and I learn from it. Right now I can lead basic East Coast and figuring out the 1920's Charleston thing. I helped Spencer figured out the Lindy swing out, I was so excited. I had that going in my head for a while XD.

As you can tell I've fallen in love with swing dancing and would be willing to try other dances. Joy, feel free to drag me along on your next dance adventure XD. Last time I danced before swing was when I was little and did ballet. Come on what little girl didn't? Oh, it was just me. Ok. So, I'm getting more adventurous in the things that I do. I always have a stomach full of butterflies when I do something new or that I'm really self conscious about. I know it's bad but that's something about me that I need to get over. 

So, what I've learned is don't judge a book (or dance) by it's cover. Always try it first "don't knock it till you try it". I've gotten that from swing and music, this year. It's amazing how God helps you get over stuff, like trying new things. Well if you wanna catch me swing dancing it won't be hard, from a mini Charleston to full out Lindy Hop. I shall refuse to stop dancing and to stop bringing people into it XD. I swear that it's a black hole that you'll never get out of. Not in a bad way, I mean I'd happily stay in this black hole for a good long while. 

Ok, quick funny story about today. So I was a genius and brought my Bluetooth speaker to my homeschool group today and basically helped (with Joy and Weslea) teach kids how to basic East Coast and the Charelston. It was so AWESOME, like legit had The Andrews Sisters and Frank Sinatra blaring for a good hour or so. Thank goodness that I quickly picked up leading East Coast XD. Ok I'm done, now wait eagerly for the next post. :D 

Thanks for reading!! 

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