Monday, September 29, 2014

Song of the week!!

So when I was writing this I really wasn't for sure what song I was gonna use. I listen to so much, all the time XD. I decided to ask my friend Weslea for a 1940's song and she gave me this glorious song by none other than The Andrews Sisters 

Bounce Me Brother With a Solid Four. 

Oh my lanta this is good. Perfect for swing dancing by the way, it's upbeat and it has the right timing. Ahh the 1940's, everything just everything about it is perfect. Well except the fact that the world was war for the second time.

Ok, enough about everything awkward I love. On to what is cool about this song. 

Andrews Sisters, they are so talented and have a full 25 song album on my phone along with other random awkward songs. My point is that they helped keep the troups encouraged during WW2. Which is awesome, if you don't believe me go listen to a song by them such as; Corns For My Country, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, or Hot Time in the Tower of Berlin (feat. Bing Crosby). Then they had love songs and so on and so forth. 

Lyric to listen for-- move the tables and roll the rug up. Shut the windows and lock the doors while I try to take the little brown jug up. Bounce me brother with a solid four 

This song is about how 8 beat songs are overrated and they want a four beat song. They say that isn't like boogie woogie (ok if you can say boogie woogie and not feel awkward I respect you. Mainly because I can't XD). Can I spin your hat with my four beat rythm? XD 

Go listen to it! 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

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