Saturday, September 27, 2014

DIY Project!! (Keds)

DIY project!! Woo 

So the other day I decided to paint something on my plain mint green off brand Keds 

Here is before 

Tada like magic here is after 

Honestly it took me a couple of hours to do them because you have to paint every last polka dot XD. So basically you need 

- Renforcement labels (we're gonna call them "circle makers" XD) 
- white paint (acrylic works really well) 
- a ruler/tape measure (a ruler works best) 
- Keds (or an off brand version) 
- little paint brushes 

Alright let's get started
Your gonna wanna put the circle makers about 1 cm apart. It doesn't have to be exactly that far apart it just depends on who you are. 

That is around how far apart mine are. You wanna keep it around that distance or you polka dots are gonna look a little sloppy ( I have a feeling that you don't want that). So now that you've gotten the circle makers mesured and to about half way around the shoe's bottom you're gonna want to paint inside of them. 
Paint brushes

Circle maker filled in. 

Ok now once the paint has dryed you can now take the circle makers off. Warning leave the one that doesn't have a circle maker next to it, on so that you can mesure and continue with putting down a few then painting them. 

Now that you have successfully done a ring of polka dots around the bottom of the shoe. You are now gonna put a circle maker in between and slightly above the first ring of dots. (You won't need to measure these it should just fall into place) 

There is the second and third rows of dots filled in. You basically keep doing this until you get it the whole shoe filled in. The front of the shoe may be difficult to do unless you take the circle makers off as you go vs. doing it a row at a time. Also your rows may disappear it reall doesn't matter at this point. As long as you don't have two dots exactly side by side. XD
Then you get this as your finished project. You do the exact same thing on each shoe. Easy peasy, it's just time consuming :). 

Inspiration? Ohhhh yeah, my friends have navy blue with white polka dots Keds which I'm gonna get me a pair of eventually. Anyways I wanted a pair so bad, something about those polka dots, it just kinda takes me back in time. I found this picture on Pinterest 
They are gorgeous. Die. Hard. Gorgeous. I think mine are better though, I'm sorry it's just pride. You painted around 100ish polka dots on two shoes. Fine be that way like the expensive shoes more than the homemade ones. Meh, not my problem. 

Well that's all I've got for now. I hope that someone might try it and succeed! #likeaboss. Also if you want you can post it on Instagram and tag me @sunset_sparkle_blogs and use #sunsetsparkleDIY 

Y'all come back now! Ya hear? 

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