Sunday, September 7, 2014

So I had some time on my hands

I got some time on my hands and I had nothing better to do with it so why not have a two for one. Two for one Sunday, ok actually I wrote a song verse of the week and a random rant (Coming to you later this week please stay tuned in). So I had my birthday party yesterday it was the. best. party. yet. it was amazing! No really it was, promise. So I got some awesome gifts (no that isn't why I had the party I'm not that selfish). So first on my list is homemade bookmarks, thank you Bella. They are sooo cute little monster-like bookmarks. Ok next would be this leather journal that Weslea got for me I absolutely LOOOVVEE it, it's so pretty <3. Uhh, next I'd say was my 15$ of iTunes money, which is already gone by the way, have 100+ songs I wanna get so. Ok, next we have is all the green stuff that I got. You know I like green stuff. Well, doesn't everyone? No? Ok.... Then we have the Custom CD by Spencer, with the epic-ish book that he made to go with it, well he really only did 5 of the 17 tracks, so hmmmm. Now we have the awesome Tote, you know you can never have enough of those things.
Ok now for the party! Woo, my actual birthday is on the 19th but we had to have the party early. Anyways, we had this awesome jam sesh. I was like Spencer vs. Joy. You will never guess who won.................... Joy did duh, girls rule!! Lol so now we ate then swam. Funnn. the we got eaten alive by mosquitos while hanging by the bonfire so we decided to go inside and swing dance. AWESOMENESSS EVERYWHERE!! Which was followed by long boarding and no mercy hide n seek/ sardines in the dark. Oh, I almost forgot about swing dancing in the middle of the street. Best. Idea. Ever. Promise.
Whoever thought of the glow stick firework show. Y'all rock!! the we made a glow stick bonfire and sang random songs till everyone had to go home. That was really bumming because I wanted them to stay all night. It would be awesome, tiring but awesome.
Ok, I'm done. thanks for reading!

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  1. So. much. fun!! :) It was a good time. The glow stick campfire/fireworks just might have been better than the actual thing, and the swing dancing was just a blast!

    And hahaha, I'm honored to know that I won the jam sesh in your opinion. XD

    Joy :)