Monday, September 15, 2014

Song of the week!!!

Welcome to the song of the week!
So I decided on a very simple song. It's just so classic. Amazing really
Classic- MKTO
There is just something about this song!! I don't know what it is, it just makes me happy. I can listen to it once and be happy pretty much all day. It's like Starbucks XD (tbh I'm not a Starbucks person). Anyways I gave my iPod shuffle to my friend and he took and put a whole lot of songs on it and I will literally sit for 5 minuets just to hear the song one time. Yes, it's that good.
What to listen for: "The Rap"
I don't listen to Rap music but I don't mind having a rap in a song. I don't know why but, whatever.

The song is about staying yourself. More people are likely to love you and enjoy you if you stay yourself. In other words stay "classic". I also enjoy the mini back track through history. XD 

Y'all come back now!!! 

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