Saturday, August 30, 2014

First post!!!!! A little bit about me!

So, I have friends doing this blog thing so I though that I might give it a try! I've read blog after blog and lets be honest it can be kinda scary to put your stuff out there for the world to read. Ok now let me tell you a bit about myself that you may not know.
1. I love music, but I only play piano 
2. I'm starting to learn guitar
3. I'm an artist (sorta)
4. I dream of living in the middle of nowhere 
5. My friend got me addicted to pretty much anything 40's/50's
6. Any DIY project probably came from Pintrest
7. I listen to 6-ish types of music Country, Christian, Alternative,
some Pop (mainly Owl City), Indie Rock, and 50's
8. I like to swing dance :)
9. I'm homeschooled
10. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone more often
11. At the moment I'm 14
12. I'll be 15 on Sept. 19
13. I'm a Sophomore 
14. My closest friends are guys
15. I can't sing
16. I'm a Christian
So there are 16 facts about me. I really don't know where this blog
is gonna go. I'm glad that a lot of my friends have blogs, otherwise I don't think that I would be doing this. Also thank y'all for actually reading this :D



  1. 1. No way! Me, too!
    2. Well, this I know, 'cause you asked for my tuner. XD
    3. No kidding, Ms. Hey-I'mma-Paint-My-Room-Beachy
    4. So, my neighbourhood. XD
    6. Blegh, not commenting on this
    7. Meh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
    8. Yeah, I'm aware. XD
    9. Woot woot!
    10. Surprise!
    11. Go 14 year olds
    12. Go 15 year olds
    13. You skipped 13. XD
    14. LIKE MEH. :D
    16. YAS.

    Spencer XD

  2. Welcome to the blogging world, Bobbi! :) Have fuuuunn, looking forward to reading your posts and watching it grow!

    Joy :)